Chromatography Institute of America > Standard Courses > Normal and Reversed Phase HPLC Course


  • Fundamentals of normal and reversed phase HPLC techniques
  • Best ways to pass system suitability
  • Set up and run methods without wasting time
  • The effects of chromatographic variables
  • Ways to rapidly estimate optimal conditions
  • Solvent and buffer differences
  • How to optimize gradient separations
  • How to correct peak tailing
  • About narrow bore vs. high speed columns
  • How to deal with ionic compounds
  • The logical approach to sample preparation
  • Integration and ways to optimize for accuracy
  • How to troubleshoot and minimize down time

Click here for a Course Syllabus 

How To Register

Each person will receive a course notebook containing copies of all graphics and materials used in the course.

The course will run each day from 8:30A.M. to 4:45 P.M. Lunch is included.