“Good manufacturing practice regulations require an active training program and the documented evaluation of the training of analysts”
FDA Guide to Inspections of Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories

Laboratory jobs are changing, and it’s not just in pharmaceutical quality control labs!


  • Due to corporate consolidation and job reduction, only the most qualified are retained.
  • Product quality issues and legal litigation over lab errors are demanding formal training and evaluation of lab personnel.
  • New employment/hiring requirements have become more stringent, requiring more experience, more training, greater documentation of knowledge and proficiency.

  • In light of this new work environment, can you really afford not to attend formal training and become HPLC proficiency certified?

    Many operators have been performing HPLC analysis, perhaps for years, but never have received formal training nor demonstrated through examination a solid understanding of what they do or why.  This leaves them vulnerable to legitimate questions pertaining to job competency/qualification.

    The Chromatography Institute of America, the largest and oldest independent training institution dedicated to HPLC education, has instituted a program of training, testing, and certifying HPLC knowledge and understanding.  Individuals wishing to become HPLC Certified must attend a minimum of 3 course days with the Institute by taking the HPLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting course along with either the Normal & Reversed Phase HPLC HPLC Analysis and Purification of Proteins & Peptides course.  Those who have already taken one or more of these courses conducted by our organization, need not repeat them unless desired as a "refresher", but any missing course must be taken to prepare for the examination. At the time of course registration, they must also register to take the written examination which is given at the end of the 3 days.  Those achieving a passing grade will be sent a certificate which certifies they have “taken the coursework required and has demonstrated by examination to have achieved the proficiency for understanding the fundamentals and practices of (the courses taken)”.  Cost of the examination is $50 per person, paid along with course registration.


    Examinations will be begin at 5:00pm and last until 7:00pm