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The Institute provides high quality, practical and impartial HPLC training at locations convenient to chromatographers. While there are abundant text books and courses being offered, all too often they are heavily theoretical or overly commercial.


We believe what is needed by most chromatographers are short 1-3 day courses which provide sufficient theory to make sense of why certain steps are taken in chromatography, but more importantly, emphasize the practical "when and how" approaches to solve problems and become more productive and successful in the lab.

Reasonably Priced

We are also practical in another sense; cost. Courses can sometimes be very expensive, and getting to them can cost as much or more than the course itself. We, however, not only maintain reasonable course fees, but we provide our courses in or near most major cities, and at accessible locations across the country so they are within commuting distance.

Highest Quality

One of the most frequently heard comments at our courses is "This course has exceeded my expectations!" Course after course, year after year, they tell us how much better our courses are than those offered by others; how thorough, understandable, concise, enjoyable, practical, and helpful they are. The material we provide is sound in the fundamentals, and clear in its presentation. Our courses are also personal. Class size is manageable (usually about 15-20), allowing the instructor to customize the presentation according to the applications and needs of the participants. Questions are encouraged and answered simply and practically.

Our years of experience and depth of resources, make it possible for us to provide limited customized research services to laboratories, column/reagent/instrument suppliers, regulatory agencies, and others involved with HPLC.

Method Development

We not only instruct in ways to most rapidly develop HPLC methods, we also provide this service for our clients. Using our HPLC laboratory, practical methods for analyzing samples and materials can be established, often in less than a week. Method development can involve sample preparation steps, HPLC separation procedures, and/or data analysis.

Market Research

As a result of many years of experience, in the lab, through hundreds of training contacts, as well as in sales and marketing, we are in the unique position of understanding the needs of companies and laboratories across a broad spectrum of applications. We also understand product development, manufacturing, sales and support requirements. We are experienced in analyzing and interpreting market needs and trends and producing reliable market research reports fulfilling the needs of successful and growing companies.

Product Evaluation

Many producers of HPLC equipment and supplies need an independent, reliable, trustworthy evaluation resource which can provide rapid results along with recommendations. We are able to meet these needs in a discrete manner providing results with intelligence, born of real-life experience. Most often the evaluation can be completed in our own lab. On occasion, the work is more appropriately done elsewhere using the Institute to oversee and manage, thus freeing up client resources.

Occasionally, equipment manufacturers and suppliers as well as laboratories require an independent organization to evaluate products, market opportunities, procedures and needs, providing a fresh approach to the situation at hand. Sometimes also, a "neutral party" is desirable to mediate between producer and regulatory agency, branch lab locations, or supplier and purchaser.

Our many years of marketing and lab experience, independent status and in-house laboratory facility, allow us to evaluate the needs of manufacturers and laboratories and provide the best direction.  We are in an excellent position to find solutions to situations needing expert HPLC opinions and recommendations.  Furthermore, we are able to follow up with market research, laboratory evaluation, method development activities, training, and procedural oversight.